The legendary band tAtU reunited and gave the first concert in a long time

The legendary tAtU group at the beginning of the 2000s is back! Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina gave a big solo concert for the first time since the breakup of the group in 2011. The long-awaited show took place the day before in Minsk. Ex-soloists performed their best hits “They Won’t Catch Us”, “Don’t Believe, Don’t Be Afraid, Don’t Ask”, “I’m Crazy” and others. Watch the video from the concert and get nostalgic!

Recall that after the collapse of the tAtU group, relations between Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina were quite tense. The singers focused on a solo careers. “Julia and I have different views on the workflow and on the future, that’s all. And there is no contact between us, ”  Katina once said.

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