“I have curly hair,” I seemed to refuse to admit it to myself for many years: I had never used special products to care for curls before, I pulled my hair out daily with a hairdryer and brushing, and only left the strands alone on weekends allowing them to dry naturally. Recently, I began to notice that on days when the air humidity is high, the strands turn into elastic curls and do not lend themselves to any styling.


And when straightening my hair completely tired me, I learned about the “curly method”. By choosing a few beauty products marked “curl”. I decided to try something new for me.


The Curly Girl Method is a curly hair care system created by renowned celebrity stylist Lorraine Messi, bestselling author of Curly Hair. Hairstyle, haircut, care. According to Messi, curly hair is prone to dryness and breakage due to its uneven structure, so it especially needs deep hydration and nourishment. Her book is about this: in it, the expert describes in detail the features of the beauty care routine for curls, which allows you to maintain curly hair in excellent condition, makes it healthy and beautiful.


The Lorraine Method avoids blow dryers and other hair stylers, but insists on using sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners, conditioners, a wide-toothed comb, and a soft microfiber towel.



Any hair care system begins with cleansing the scalp: so shampoo first, and only then conditioner. Distribute the latter carefully, along the entire length of the hair. In general, the conditioner in the “curly method” plays almost the main role: apply it liberally on the strands, then comb your hair, gently rinse off the product.


Important! During washing, try not to damage the structure of the curls, but, on the contrary, slightly form curls with your hands.


Take some water in your palms, lightly press the curls to your head and gently rinse the conditioner. If you can’t completely wash your hair, it’s not scary, in the “curly method” this is even welcome.



After washing your hair, gently dry your hair with a microfiber or soft cotton towel, the main thing is not terry!


Dry the curls with light squeezing movements, but in no case do not stretch them, do not twist or rub. You can follow the “plopping” technique: fold your hair like an accordion and wrap it in a towel for 10 minutes. So the curls do not lose their shape, keep all the necessary moisture inside.


Dry your hair only naturally or with a diffuser.

My main discovery after experimenting with the “curly method”, after a month of testing various hair care products: shampoo is needed solely to cleanse the scalp and nothing else. It does not affect the structure of the hair. What really matters is that conditioner and leave-in balm are friends for curls. They should not glue the hair, but texture and form curls. To get the curls you want, it’s best to ditch the stylers, choose the right towel and comb.